Assistance and Representation


Representation in Fairs and assistance in organizing FAM Trips. 


In the tourism sector, there are a large number of fairs and company events directed at target groups: the tourist, the tourism venders, and media, which focus on international marketing.


Inserção Plus advises and represents tourism companies in the most important fairs worldwise, considering the following criteria. 


Analysis of the cost-benefit of the event Analysis of the technical and human resources and the value of the participant groups at the events. Monitoring of expected results of the event.


Additionally other international promotion strategies include FAM and press trips which are trips where entrepreneurs are invited to tour other countries in order to experience the destination and / or attractive tourism packages in the country. In this way the employer and / or sales force become familiar with the packages and can improve sales. Similarly, the FAM trip allows the employer to connect with other companies and / or partners in the Tourism Market.




Media focused on international tourism are invited to participate in press trips. The purpose of these trips is to visit foreign countries and to make press releases in order that the destination as well as tourism packages are promoted abroad. Thus, the company reaches the target audience in a unique and effective manner.


Inserçao Plus offers FAM and press trips with the purpose of increasing sales and better positioning the company.