Insercao Plus offer services including professional and management evelopment for tourism start up companies through on site and online trainings that are aligned with the needs of our clients.
The main objective of our services is to provide cutting edge knowledge to our clients in every area related to tourism, including access to new tools and services around the world that are being used to improve the experience of the traveler.
The consulting is applied in three phases: evaluation, restructuring, and monitoring. First, a study is completed on the company profile identifying the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities (SWOT). Next, we proceed in working together with the client to formulate the most appropriate strategy to renew and restructure the services that the company offers. After the initial phases, the strategies are put into practice together, with the suggested tools, and the plan is executed to reach the expected goal. Finally, we evaluate the results obtained and we monitor the process until the desired change is achieved.